What MKO meant to me as a kid in 1993 and after (3)


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And then I particularly remember he always said with every bit of certainty that Abiola would eventually govern Nigeria. We his peer group believed this, not just hoped. As much as our own parents had believed with all certainty that Obafemi Awolowo would after all is said and done still govern Nigeria, in their younger days.

And the bomb shell came when exactly a week, I think, after we heard the jubilant news that Major General Sanni Abacha was assassinated by poisoning, we got the pill to bitter to swallow. Abiola too had just been murdered, by poisoning. We all felt incredibly sad—and afraid. Sad that we lost one of the best Presidents Nigeria never had for one day. Afraid that just anything could happen then. Crisis. War. Or insurrection.

It was mixed feelings as well, in this sense: that we felt jubilant relief that a despot, a tyrant was at last out of our way. And that we also felt a killing grief and despair, that a man of the people on whom their hopes rested was eventually eliminated, alongside.

Nigeria could feel the sharp pain of this selfish politics of elimination. The gross politics of unfair substitution.

It all started for MKO in June 12, 1993. And the politics never ends till date.

Kayode Taiwo Olla,
June 12, 2014.


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