ArtBeats Blog… BACK & BETTER!



Have you been familiar with the ArtBeats blog once before? Have you been conversant with our posts in seasons past?

ArtBeats MEDIA is a literary blog that was cofounded by Kayode Taiwo Olla (me) and Tola Adegbite in the last weeks of May 2013. It was intended to champion every creative art that speaks to the heart (even though at inception it only featured our own works, with a few guest writers’). It’s slogan would thereafter say all for the blog’s art-encompassing goal: “through arts, inspiring hearts!

The blog actually ran from late May then and consistently posting up to 6 works weekly, keeping that pace for five months to follow. And then for four months more it posted on a monthly basis and with a specified theme for each month, posting up to 10 works at the beginning of each month. And all these had faithfully gone on before some unforeseen circumstances had since made us inadvertently halt after March 2014. But then , since inception and halt he blog had got up 63 followers by email across nations on cyberspace, and had retained the number all still. Likes and inspiring comments on posts also had been a norm.

In the light of these, we have worked very hard in the background and are now back, and better yet! And this time, ArtBeats MEDIA is having a better outlook on literature and visual art—that is to say, by showcasing quite a wide and variant range of skilled writings and writers, works and voices from Nigeria, Africa.

We invite you to visit the Blog HERE, and bookmark the link, and also follow the blog via email. You’ll find the blog engaging and worth the follow—it’s a promise!


Best regards,
Kayode Taiwo Olla,
for ArtBeats MEDIA.


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