On this fuse about gay rights

Scribbled around the time the bill on Homosexuality was to be passed in the Senate in Nigeria, and I posted on my Facebook wall then.

• • •

What always is this fuss about gay rights with creative writers and literary critics, as though the link is more than simply arbitrary – as though everyone really must sway alongside that reason, and so write? Like – really, is it the trend now or something?

I guess while almost every female writer/critic tends to be a feminist, so now every male counterpart should be explicitly pro-Gay Rights or something? Then why are all the headlong fuss with young critics, and sometimes attacking opposite and passively disagreeing opinions with some unapologetic irreverent haul of words.

You know what? I think tomorrow, someone will lead a protest from the States to legalize Bondage sex, too; then too Bestiality, soon. And then, maybe too, sex slavery will be in time. And pedophile sex, too. XXX movies and adult magazines X-rated in many African nations, too, will soon be G-rated. Perhaps the Bestial Sex Rovolution or the Bondage Sex Rights will cut across Europe, and Asia too would join the revolution. It will not be long before it becomes a new literary tradition for writers of that Neo-Contemporary Period and a new queer theory base for critics.

Then Africa, too, will effortlessly be absorbed into the Bestiality Rights Protests, or the Bondage Rights Campaign, perhaps led by long-gone expatriates, patronizingly calling up on the civil African world to rise up with the Post–New-Age Movement – and, oh no, one that our own Madiba and Achebe would hear its rumbles and turn in their graves.

gay pictur_images

We would battle with worse new sexually transmitted diseases than HIV/AIDS, our wards will suffer deeply from high levels of sexually-related addictions. We would die in numbers like the days of the Black Death, and yet humanity would lack generations to replace itself, because our marriages and sexual orientations will only recruit and cannot reproduce. In time, humanity will be threatened with extinction. And fast, too, as a result of new sex-related diseases spreadin across the continents like wildfires, or suicides from depressive addictive sex behaviours.

And so, maybe before this century had ran a half course, we would have added yet another sex type from that queer 50 Shades of Gray, and to our ever growing lists of legalized sexuality! It is then one would know that Y.B. Yeats was a prophet, to have said, “Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world!” And one would admit that Chinua Achebe was a seer, to have seen it falling on Africa, and from this same Western civilization he saw them coming.

And whatever happened to the understanding of the medical psychology behind this sexual orientation (and I mean just the inclination/tendency still). And people should know these people needed love and help – no, assistance, just like anybody does – like everybody still does in their sex lives. I hate the word ‘help’ in this context – I hate people saying someone needs help. It sounds so condescending and so I’ll not say it. I hate someone telling me I need help myself. But if someone comes to me and say they think I need assistance in a struggle, then I’ll love them for saying so. Cos, in fact, I know I need assistance in many inward struggles. Like we all do.

And, yes, I think they rather need assistance, too; and equally people with congenital urges and attraction in the lines of bondage sex, bestiality, pedophile sex, lesbian sex, porno-aided sex, incest, anal sex, oral sex, and on the list will always go. There are more sexual orientations than homosexual, bisexual, asexual and heterosexual!

Ah come, there’s no big deal, we know ourselves what things are pathological – people KNOW and once in a while we all tell our own selves the truth. But not everyone are damn sincere with themselves anyway.

But, of course, in time if African peoples are not careful – especially we growing generation of young voices – all of these and newer and more very queer forms of sexuality will not only be legalized here, but they will even be practised on the bare streets. Perhaps with even our future kids in high schools involved – who the hell knows? And then one would wonder whatever happened to human dignity, whatever happened to rationality.

“Sorry dear; no, things have fallen apart!” people will just sigh and pat themselves. And their aching pains would be either of two things: they helped it fall; or they’d just stood, watching it crumble.


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