Collaborative composition project

Hello Friends!

I’m taking on a particular creative initiative on poetry for quite a couple of weeks from now, and I just would like you to look forward towards each release. So, here’s it.

It’s a multiple collaborative poetry composition project I’m undertaking within spare times. It’s like a tour for me, a virtual tour across the creative worlds of poet colleagues, I could say. It’s one wherein I choose and collaborate with different poet colleagues at a time, composing poetry (and in most cases, spoken word in written form) by instantaneous inspiration.

Here’s what I mean: someone in the collaboration starts with some poetic lines, and a next person responds with lines inspired from the first contributor’s, and then the next, and on like that till we feel exhausted and think a full body of a conversational collaborative poem is ready to go. Then we run through to review only sparsely, so that it doesn’t lose its original flow. And then, we publish as guest blogs with other writer friends and/or on literary platforms, and of course here on my blog. The URL links to all posts of them on sites we publish at will definitely I’ll definitely share on my page on Facebook.

I must say, this idea was inspired by three things. I owe them this really cool creative inspiration: first, it was Darky Blue’s Blog, who’s presently doing some sort of collaborative composition I like so much. I follow her blog and realy love her every posts before now; so, really she readily inspires me even now. And this quickens in me a recollection of the collaborative spoken word composition project that Kwabena Agyare Yeboah and co carried out in Ghana and I watched on YouTube. I later mentioned it during an interview by email I had with him for Bravearts Africa literary/art platform, and he talked about it. Thanks to Kwabena’s group, too,this idea mightn’t have been fully developed. And then, the inspiration finally came when I was listening to Kiss Daniel’s new hit single Woju, featuring Davido and Tiwa Savage. I just like the track and the way the collaboration spun the story and music. I got that spark of inspiration right there, while my earpiece was stuck in my ears!

Having said that, my motive for my collaboration project stems really from the fact of art being able to fulfil the role of delight and entertainment just like pop music, and then it draws alongside it more engaging themes, motifs or symbolisms. Each poet retains his/her writer personality in the full-blown fictional conversation we’re creating. Each creation’s gonna be something fun and really quite engaging, too!

And then, completing one collaboration, I move on to another one with another poet or group of poets – it’ll often be a two or three poets collaboration.

Now I’m pleased to notify you the really cool first 2 collaborations to expect, to look forward to, the collaborative work beginning already.

Here then, is!

• Kayode Taiwo Olla, Rasaq Malik Gbolahan and Lawal Kafayat Gold Collaboration.


• Kayode Taiwo Olla and Carolyn Banks Collaboration.

• Rasaq Malik Gbolahan
• Rasaq Malik Gbolahan
• Lawal Kafayat Gold
• Lawal Kafayat Gold
• Carolyn Banks
• Carolyn Banks

So, then, kindly keep your fingers crossed and look forward to the creative collaboration series – as we ourselves, too… keep the pen writing!

Kayode Taiwo Olla,
Mon., March 9th, 2014.


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