there are rainy tears
dropped from the eyes
that brought back
no loss.

there are stony blames
cast from afar
that bought back
no cost.

there are real rainy tears
dropped, that brought back
not a loss of
stolen years:

and there are forced stony blames
cast, that bought back
not a cost of
ruining flames.

here my eye sees
there my strength cease
here the tears freeze:
ah help me, God, from here… please!

and where real heavy tears
dropped from the eyes
bring back no
stolen year –

and where false sullen blames
cast from afar
buy back not
every flame:

there – here… here, there
is Christ’s own reigning care
droopping from the skies
reaching, wanting, asking…
to bring back
all loss

for me, you
Us …

Kayode Taiwo Olla

Directly inspired by the story of David and burnt Ziglag in 1 Samuel 30: 1 – 20. Poem first read at a program themed ‘Divine Help to Recover’ at KONECCC Ibadan, Friday March 13, 2015.


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