Genocide is

• Oba Akiolu. Credit: Sahara Reporters
• Oba Akiolu. Credit: Sahara Reporters

not Hitler’s attempted annihilation
of the Israeli nation in a Jew’s eyes:
Genocide is the Jews Gentilizing
all peoples not Jew in a Hitler’s eyes.
Genocide is

not the denotation in a Jew or a Hitler’s idiom
Genocide is a Lagos Oba Akiolu attempting to generate
a hate wave: “Lagosian Igbos must swallow this or go die in the lagoon:
the Yoruba state gubernatorial candidate is destined to rule; the Igbo to slave!”
Oh my! Genocide sure is

not simply Hutu ethnic group’s intended annihilation
of the Tutsi ethnic group in the Rwanda civil war, after all:
Genocide is the cruel treatment of the Lagosian Igbos in the Gowon
regime till they fled home to Lt.-Colonel Ojukwu’s kinsman arms,
and is Nigeria’s cutting off food supply to the seceding Igbo
nation in our civil war, till they ate boiled weeds and die up till surrender.
Genocide absolutely is

not the past pre civil war killings and hostilities against Igbo
itineraries in Lagos or the Biafra death toll experience from famine:
Genocide is someone of the other party saying there is nothing
geno on some of his people’s sides: like I, because I am Yoruba,
should say the Yoruba Oba Akiolu’s words are, to say the least…

Kayode Taiwo Olla


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