Happy Birthday to My Wife, the Cutest Lady I Know

Every year she added a year, you wonder if she was growing any older. Her shiny black hair doesn’t lose their natural curls with each year she adds. It’s like the curly hair of maidens from Niger, Egypt or Lebanon. Her baby-face, gentle, cool and endearing, gets even younger year after year. Tola Adegbite Olla is the cutest, sweetest lady I’ve been so fortunate to meet – and to marry.

• She was seventeen here — and cute like that! (Photo by Adewumi Akin-Fadeyi)

I met her when she was nineteen and I was just some twenty-three plus. I could swear she looked the sweet sixteen – or even like she was just fourteen. With my own very baby-face as well, we get to cheat ageing; we get to really fool people with our ages cos our looks don’t tally with them at all. This is the lady nature has blessed with the rare combination of cuteness like a girl’s, goodness like a goddess’s and smartness like a genius. This is the ever-so-lovely cutie I’m proud to call mine…

So, my cutie… I’ve watched you evolve into a lovelier, prettier damsel every single day since we first met. The older you grow, the younger and cuter you always look. Meeting you was the luckiest thing in my younger years. Marrying you is the smartest choice in my youth. And spending a lifetime wi’ you is my loveliest dream in a lifetime, Darling.

• 2012 College Dinner Red Carpet (Photo by Perfect Lens Studio)
• Home, 2016 (Photo by Tayo Adegbite)

And so, to many more happy years in joy, peace and fulfillment… Happy Gorgeous Birthday, Priceless! God keep you for me.

~ Yours in love,


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