Tola & Kayode Olla: “We Are One!”

♥ Our First Wedding Anniversary Love Note ♥

June 4, 2017


We are one today. We have always been one but today the figure is more defined. You are really the best, Kayode. You have embraced my imperfections perfectly. We have a long way to go, so let me teach you how to dance real “alujo” dance. I really want us to be dancing together. It’s boring when I dance alone and you watch me dance.

Now, I hope you have completely realized that I am not foreign; it is only my hair that is foreign. So when I say Yoruba proverbs and speak dialect at times, you know I am just a simple lady from Osun State.

My dear husband, a football match is just 90 minutes – not one hour, thirty minutes. You know when you say there is no difference and it is one hour, thirty minutes, it seems the match will go forever. That ‘hour’ idea scares someone.

But then, thank you for not always disturbing my siesta despite the fact that you hate sleeping in the afternoon.

Kayode, you are really the best. Being with you is really fun and I love you, Kayode. I love you gaan. Happy Anniversary, my husband.

Yours in love,

• • •


You’re an unfathomable book of wonders I discover by the day since I wed you a year ago. How didn’t I know before now that those clear pretty eyes I usually peer into to read the future are some particularly brown eyes? So, you have brown eyes! I know you’ve got some straight, clean legs and a cute body shape, too, but I wouldn’t know till you were mine that they’re effortlessly so – absolutely natural. Even when I “realized” you’re not Lebanese or Cameroonian, with your natural curly, shiny hair, lol – I forgave myself completely because I fell in love with a really pretty African queen!

I knew you were a very versatile and aspiring footballer when you were younger, but I didn’t know your love for football could make you now say we should fast and pray for Zambia to win in the ongoing u 20 World Cup cos of the way you’re rooting for Patson Daka – number 20, lol! Not every guy likes football, Babie mi. Remember I said I stopped liking football when a player shot at my face and I saw stars when I was keeping the goal post in JSS 1. But Ife lagbara ko nigbala, you are gradually winning me over to watch matches with you, both major and minor matches. And to consider that it’s you a woman that’ll win me over to loving football, eh! Oro Ife bii adanwo ni!

I wish you always join me to watch WWE Raw & Impact, and other important wrestling championships I love to watch. But I fear to win you over to watch wrestling because it’s too horror for you.

Babie girl, there are some of us “komole” dancing doesn’t quite fit, cos the more I bend the more it’s obvious I’m really tall; so don’t stress out teaching me. I have looked at the dictionary and discovered dancing together means you partnering with me in a ballroom dance. Now you realize why I took time out of no time to teach you how to dance waltz with me. I guess you still remember our last steps. Last night, I added a Waltz track to our playlist, so don’t worry we’ll dance all you want tonight – we’ll dance together, Babie mi. And by the way, I have your Tope Alabi and Yinka Ayefele “alujo” tracks somewhere somewhere, so you can dance and shake the waist and I’ll take my tablet and video shoot, and watch you as usual. If I don’t hold the camera, how will we have today on record. So you can do the dancing while I be the DJ plus the DOP. And lest I forget, our favourite romantic hip-hop tracks are hot and fresh in the cooler. So sit back and enjoy today – it’s our first year anniversary.

Thank you for choosing to walk this life journey with me, Omotola mi. You’re an amazing friend, sister, supporter, lover, cook, bed mate, confidant, wife – all! I love you to pieces, Babie mi!

Yours in love,


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