Two Paintings I Did this Public Holiday: “Riverbank Palms” & “Èyò”

This is the second time I’m trying my hand on painting and all by myself. It’s the Eid public holiday yesterday and today, and yesterday Monday night, I did a little painting from around 5:30 in the evening till around 9:45 or so at night. I set out to just paint something relating to nature.

It started out when yesterday my wife and I were joking about what, if any, was the sole thing each of us wished we were in this life, just if only it is possible to be reincarnated, LOL! So, when she wished to God she’d pursued her passion in football and get pro till she gets to play for the national female football team plus international football clubs — when she said that, I remembered I’ve got a long-held dream I sadly haven’t had coming true up until now. I’ve all my life wanted to be an artist. At least, I started as a kid knowing how to draw but I didn’t develop it; although I still retain a very reasonable amount of artistic tendency regardless. And when having to get someone train me in painting became futile on many occasions, I decided to start to try my hand on painting little by little.

This is my second try. To the pros: please don’t mock, LOL!

I title yesterday night’s art Riverbank Palms.

Riverbank Palms (Postal Color on Paper)

Today Tuesday also, I set up by 10 in the morning to paint an art inspiration I got bedtime before I slept off yesterday night. The art idea was to paint the Èyò, which is the masquerade celebrated in the Èyò Festival in Lagos Metropolis. It was an interesting art concept when it came.

I started working on the painting from around 10 in the morning and it was laborious cos I wasn’t getting much of what I like to see. I finished the painting around 3 in the afternoon. It was encouraging for someone like me who just started to paint, I guess — and all by himself at that.

My wife was my cheerleader today, always there to pat me on the back. She had to urge me to round things up and eat my brunch eventually at 3 in the afternoon. And when I said today’s painting didn’t look so much like I wanted, she said I’ll keep getting better. Encouraging words are like sparks that birth fire. Friends’ sincere admiration for my first piece yesterday keeps the passion burning, too. And with time, practice and some training, I think I’ll stand with the pro someday!

So, here’s the painting of today.

I title it Èyò

Èyò (Postal Color on Paper)

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