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Tola & Kayode Olla: “We Are One!”

♥ Our First Wedding Anniversary Love Note ♥

June 4, 2017


We are one today. We have always been one but today the figure is more defined. You are really the best, Kayode. You have embraced my imperfections perfectly. We have a long way to go, so let me teach you how to dance real “alujo” dance. I really want us to be dancing together. It’s boring when I dance alone and you watch me dance. Continue reading Tola & Kayode Olla: “We Are One!”

Happy Birthday to My Wife, the Cutest Lady I Know

Every year she added a year, you wonder if she was growing any older. Her shiny black hair doesn’t lose their natural curls with each year she adds. It’s like the curly hair of maidens from Niger, Egypt or Lebanon. Her baby-face, gentle, cool and endearing, gets even younger year after year. Tola Adegbite Olla is the cutest, sweetest lady I’ve been so fortunate to meet – and to marry. Continue reading Happy Birthday to My Wife, the Cutest Lady I Know

Literary Quotes – #4: Punch Lines from the Essay “The Artist”

It’s a week today since I brought the graphic creative essay “The Artist” across your way. The essay serves as the first post of my new 7-part essay series on the society’s conventional perception, image & portrayal of creative people such as the creative and performance artists, and that I call The Artist Portrait Series.

Today, one week into the launch of this series, I bring you quotes and punch lines from the first essay in the series, titled The Artist. Continue reading Literary Quotes – #4: Punch Lines from the Essay “The Artist”

My New Release: Seven Loves, Seven Hates (Free Poetry eBook)

• Seven Loves, Seven Hates (Cover)
Seven Loves, Seven Hates (Cover)


Hi, Friends! Compliments of the season.

I have released a Free poetry eBook on the psychosocial and the sociopolitical realities of the day: Seven Loves, Seven Hates — published by Sanafrita, an imprint of Bravearts Africa.

If you haven’t yet downloaded the already trending chapbook, you can go to the download page HERE to download absolutely FREE!

Have a prosperous 2017 coming!


Being Back

- a view of my work desk
– a view of my work desk

Hello, Friends!

I wrote in a blog post of January of this year, that I’ll be back with you soon. I had about a yearlong writer’s block that started somewhere in the middle of last year 2015. Those months were a moment of silent hibernation for me – and a moment when I returned to my drawing board.

I’ve been back months ago, writing and releasing really creative poems. But then, 2016 is more of private writing for me. I’ve been back with a major novel ghostwriting contract and a series of novel manuscript editing contracts that keep my literary engagement more private than it has ever been in the past years.

In the meantime, I am releasing a new and free poetry eBook of psychosocial and sociopolitical themes on Boxing Day December 26 to usher in an engaging 2017 in my little literary career. 2017 promises to be more eventful and engaging than 2016 and 2015 in my humble literary practice. Bookmark and follow my blog for a catching-up on these.

Compliments of the Season! And have an inspiring, creativity-spiced 2017 coming!

—Kayode Taiwo Olla
18 December