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. . . heart issues & mind themes are my muse’s fondest things

To reach me for speaking engagements, literary readings, collaborative projects, feature writings, or interviews: kayodeolla@gmail.com

Activity Updates

• I published a new essay “These Dreams: the Political History of Nigeria from the Perspectives of the Upper and the Lower Classes” — on Academia | Jun 12, 2017

• My wife and I marked our first wedding anniversary. (See the note we write to commemorate our anniversary here.) | Jun 4, 2017

• My short story “Bare” appeared on Nantygreens | May 18, 2017

• My poem “Unpaired” appeared on Blankpaperz | Apr 27, 2017

• I served singly as an independent judge for the literary contest Poetry in Practice: For the Environment — organized by the Parliament of Poets on the University of Lagos campus, and in collaboration with M.A.D. Initiative, Lagos, NG | Mar 2 – 4, 2017

• I completed a five-month-long ghostwriting contract of a horror thriller novel from Dallas, Texas | Feb 28, 2017

• I released my latest work. It serves as a little interlude to my book releases in the form of a free poetry eBook on love & politics — Seven Loves, Seven Hates | Dec 26, 2016

• I was awarded an M.A. in English (Literature) at the University of Ibadan after the one and a half years Master’s program | Nov 14, 2016

… heart issues & mind themes are my muse's fondest things